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Yesod is sephirah number 9 and known as the Foundation.

The Temple of Yesod – as described in the workbook – is a very beautiful Sea Temple.

It is an ocean of memories that reflects like a mirror into everyday habit patterns, and directly affects the outward behaviour of everyone according to the depth of emotional reactions to such memories which remain dormant within the hidden inner psyche.

Hence the iridescent movement of Yesod focuses on the immense Power of the Subconscious mind – a Treasure House of Images that forms the very foundation for emotional stability in life – or lack of it.

Work with this sephirah helps to unlock the responsive needs of the individual, including hidden personal issues, and handling emotional reactions.   Yesod also introduces the novice to the magic of the Astral Worlds and their Spirit Guides. It is most valuable in aiding connection with these Personal guides as well as accessing past life information.

The Yesod workbook is the second in this series of practical Qabalah books.

This workbook focuses on the Power of the Subconscious; our Emotional foundation and stability.  Yesod also links us to the Astral Worlds and Spirit Guides.  We would look to the Temple of Yesod for help with the responsive process; handling emotional reactions; connecting with personal spirit guides, and accessing Past Life information.

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