Welcome to this introduction to Soul Functions. Everyone has a soul name, function and motto.

Soul FunctionsAs we work our way through the sephiroth on the Tree of Life we learn that:

Chokmah aligns with the Will of the Spirit

Geburah aligns with the Will of the Soul


            Hod represents the Will of the Personality

The Personality is the vehicle through which the Soul can fulfill the Spiritual Will.

The journey ascending the Qabalistic Tree of Life prepares the Personality to be a more suitable vehicle through which the Soul can accomplish its’ mission on Earth.

By the time the individual has truly progressed to the sephirah of Chokmah they are ready to be of Service to Humanity through their Soul Functions. The individual has complete freedom to decide how to perform the functions. However, most people are unaware of Soul Functions or how they can be incorporated into everyday life. To realise our full potential we need to know how to direct our creative power. It is in Chokmah – sephirah number 2 – that we learn how to do this.

The Soul Functions workbook explains what the functions mean and how to recognise them.

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Explore Chokmah – sephirah number 2 – Devotion