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Netzach is sephirah number 7 and known as Victory.

The teachings of Netzach help the individual to gain victory over their feelings and lift themselves out of the restrictions of the personality, thus starting the process of raising consciousness to the level of the soul and the Sephirah of Tiphareth.

Netzach acts as a springboard to the upper part of the Tree of Life, but firstly awareness of deeper feelings, such as inherent belief systems and relationship issues, need to be explored and accepted, including the personal relationship with Self.

The Emerald Temple of Netzach is invaluable for creative inspiration, music and art. It helps us to deal with polarity and relationship issues, and connects the individual with the magic and rawness of their own basic nature, found within all humans as part of the animal kingdom.

The Netzach workbook is the fourth in this series of practical Qabalah books.  The exercises of the Workbook help discover the true nature of the individual – the innate essence of who they really are – which is shown by their essential feelings and needs. Thus the unique potential that lies within all human beings, can be seen, unveiled and brought into productive life.

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