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Kether is sephirah 1 and known as the Crown. Kether represents Reunion with Source, and Completion of the Great Work.  The focus in this sephirah is to consolidate all that we have learnt from the previous sephiroth, and find a Way of Return to the Source of Creation.

Situated at the top of the Tree of Life on the middle pillar of Equilibrium, Kether represents Spiritual Perfection. At this level we are dealing with the intangible.

If we were truly at this stage of development we would not be incarnate on the Earth Plane

In this series of practical Qabalah workbooks, Kether is the last sephirah to explore on the Tree of Life.

As with all the previous sephiroth in this series of workbooks, the approach to Kether is a practical one.  In this workbook we attempt to see through the veil of our earthly perceptions.  We explore the existence of other dimensions and try to connect with more advanced energies, and – by using an Inner Spirit Meditation – enter the dwelling place of our spirit.

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