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Geburah is sephirah number 5 and known as Might (or Power).

Geburah brings awareness of far mightier inner forces – The Masters of Humanity – that are rarely, if ever, completely understood whilst on earth. Here begins a much stronger and deeper assessment that uncovers the true purpose of Karma. The challenges faced in the present life are closely linked to past lives, and once revealed, confronted and overcome, the personality is then free to walk closer and more comfortably with the work of the Soul.

This Fiery Ruby red sephirah is the great purifier and purger of negative energy, and the disciple is encouraged to seek out and take responsibility for their behaviour in life, by gracefully accepting the benefits or consequences of their choices – both good and bad.

In Geburah the individual experiences the Power and Will of the Soul

The Geburah workbook is the fifth in this series of practical Qabalah and Tree of Life books.

With simple and gentle exercises, the Workbook helps the disciple discover the karmic links shared with others, and transmute unproductive personality traits that bind them to the continuous cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

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