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Chokmah is sephirah number 2 and known as Wisdom. Chokmah represents the Spiritual Father and Force of Creative Power.  It is the sephirah that aligns with the Will of the Spirit and Spiritual Direction. Chokmah is the sephirah of Freedom and Spiritual Truths.  Spiritual Truth is not the same as Personality Truth – there are no compromises with Spiritual Truths – it is Truth in its purest form.

Chokmah is situated at the top of the pillar of Force on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

In this region of the Tree of Life the aim is to contact our creative power and earth it.

The focus of Chokmah is to actively be of service to humanity.  In Chokmah we consider our Soul Functions and decide how we can be of Service to Humanity.  Most people are unaware of their Soul Functions or how to perform them in everyday life.  To realise our full potential we need to know how to direct our creative power.

Our brain is an incredible tool.  It interprets our view of the world according to how we use the Senses. We have the ability to Create in the Mind through the Power of Imagination.  In Chokmah we aim to contact and connect with the force of our creative power.  Unlike Binah, there are no restrictions or limitations in Chokmah.  We have the freedom to create and to be as creative as we choose.

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