The Chesed workbooks One and Two are the seventh and eighth books in this series of practical Qabalah and Tree of Life books.  Chesed is where the journey really begins.  Part One of Chesed takes us in Search of the Truth.  Here we explore the bigger picture and attempt to strengthen our connection with the Teachers of Humanity – evolved Masters – who can teach us how to walk in Time with the natural order of the Universe thus drawing us nearer to finding peace for the soul.

In Chesed workbook Two we learn about the Evolution of Flame and the first wave of creation.  This workbook raises our awareness of the role the angels and archangels play in the bigger picture, and how they can help us on our journey to enlightenment.  In the Temple of Chesed we may catch a glimpse of the part we play in the grand scheme of Life, and find out how we too may be of service to others – just as the Masters, who have walked this journey before us, have been in service to us.

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