Complete series of Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life books available in pdf, kindle, paperback format

Many people want to make changes in their life and develop the spiritual side of themselves. The Qabalah (Kabbalah) – a very ancient philosophy of life – takes us on a voyage of self discovery and increased spiritual awareness.

Interest is growing in this Ancient Wisdom but for many it is not always clear to see how the teachings can be put to practical use and incorporated into everyday life.

Working very much on a simple and practical level, The Order of the White Lion and Isis Qabalah Tuition have produced a series of workbooks exploring the Qabalistic Tree of Life which aim to show how these timeless teachings – passed down through the ages – are still as relevant today, in our modern world, as they have always been.

Our aim is to raise awareness of this inspirational tool and guide, and help others to find more productive ways of living in line with spiritual and personal needs, thus creating the Ideal Life on Earth.

Malkuth the Kingdom.  When studying the Qabalah we often start at the bottom of the Tree of Life and begin by familiarising ourselves with the sephirah of the Earth Plane, known as the Kingdom. The Hebrew name for this sephirah is Malkuth. Malkuth represents the physical plane, and the way we handle the energy of the material world. We would look to the Temple of Malkuth to help us to find answers if we are having problems keeping ourselves grounded; experiencing challenging issues around money, or if we want to find solace and peace to enable us to re-coup lost energy.

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Yesod the Foundation. The Temple of Yesod is a beautiful Sea Temple. This sephirah focuses on the Power of the Subconscious Mind, our emotional foundation and emotional stability.  Yesod also links us to the Astral Worlds and Spirit Guides We would look to the Temple of Yesod for help with the responsive process; handling emotional reactions; connecting with our personal guides and accessing past life information.

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The sephirah Hod focuses on our attitude and the Power of Thought.  In this workbook we explore the Tunnel of the Mind and become more consciously aware of the sort of images we build in our mind. We would look to the Ice Temple of Hod to help us to examine our attitude, and change any images that may be negative to our growth.  Hod also helps us to build positive imagery e.g. Magical Images; to form commitments, and to find the real truth of our thoughts.

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The teachings of Netzach help us to gain Victory over our Feelings and lift ourselves out of the restrictions of the personality. Netzach acts as a springboard to the upper part of the Tree but first we have to become aware of how we really feel, and explore our attitude towards relationships – including the relationship we have with Self. Netzch helps us to discover the true nature of who we really are. We would look to the Emerald Temple of Netzach for creative inspiration; to help us to deal with polarity and relationship issues, and to connect with the magical energy of the rawness of nature.

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Tiphareth takes us into the realms of the Soul where we get the opportunity to connect and commune with the soul and higher, more evolved guides. The virtue of Tiphareth is Devotion to the Great Work. It is important for us to remember that if we wish to pursue spiritual work and be of service in some to others we must be prepared to work on ourselves and help our Self to rise above the level of the personality when times are challenging. This sephirah helps us to heal ourselves and remain balanced and in harmony no matter what is happening in our everyday life.

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In Geburah we become aware of mightier forces and begin to understand the role of the Soul and the purpose of Karma. The challenges we face in this life are linked to our past lives. Geburah helps to expose the traits in our personality that bind us to the continuous cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and reveals the links we share with others. It is in Geburah that we experience the Will of the Soul.

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The sephirah Chesed is where the journey really begins.  Chesed workbook One takes us in search of the Truth.  Here we explore the bigger spiritual picture and attempt to strengthen our connection with the Teachers of Humanity – evolved Masters who can teach us how to walk in Time with the natural order of the universe thus drawing us nearer to finding peace for the soul.

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In Chesed workbook Two we learn about the Evolution of Flame and the first wave of creation.  This workbook raises our awareness of the role the angels and archangels play within the bigger picture, and how they may help us on our journey to enlightenment.  In the Temple of Chesed (guided meditation) we may catch a glimpse of the part we play in the grand scheme of Life, and discover how we too may be of service to others – just as the Masters, who have walked this journey before us, have been in service to us.

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Binah – known as the sephirah of Understanding – represents the Womb of Creation and Mother of Form.  In this sephirah, situated on the Tree of Life at the top of the black pillar of Form, we explore the Principles of Sound and learn how to Silence the Conscious Mind to hear the call of the Spiritual Mother who watches over her children.  Binah is Aima – the bright fertile Mother of Creation, and Ama – the dark sterile Mother of the Underworld.  It is in Binah that we examine the Roots of our Faith and look deeper into the Four Worlds and extended Tree of Life.

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In Chokmah we explore the force of our Creative Power and decide how we can be of Service to Humanity.  The Chokmah Soul Functions workbook is an introduction to Soul Functions and can be used in conjunction with the Chokmah workbooks One and Two.  Most people are unaware of their Soul Functions or how to perform them in everyday life.  To realise our full potential we need to know how to direct our Creative Power.  The Soul Function workbook explains in more detail what the functions mean and how to recognise them.

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Chokmah is the sephirah of Freedom and Spiritual Truths.  It is the sephirah that aligns with the Will of the Spirit and Spiritual Direction.  In this region of the Tree of Life the aim is to contact our creative power and bring it down to earth.  In Chokmah workbook One we explore how we use the senses and how we can further stimulate and balance the two hemispheres of the brain to spark the sixth sense (intuition) and third eye into action.

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Chokmah is also the sephirah of Wisdom.  In Chokmah workbook Two the emphasis is on Divine Wisdom and looking at ways to enter inner worlds of existence.  This helps us to develop our psychic ability, and gain insights pertaining to the destiny and spiritual direction of the whole of humanity.

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Situated at the top of the Tree of Life, on the middle pillar of equilibrium, Kether represents Spiritual Perfection.  At this level we are dealing with the intangible.  Therefore, as with all the previous sephiroth in this series of workbooks, the approach to Kether is a practical one.  In this workbook we attempt to see through the veil of our earthly perceptions.  We explore the existence of other dimensions and try to connect with more advanced energies, and – by using an Inner Spirit Meditation – enter the dwelling place of our spirit.

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