Workbook Reviews

To help you to decide if these Practical Qabalah workbooks may be of use to you, please read the reviews and find out what others have to say about them.  See also videos: Malkuth  /  Yesod  /  more videos

Clare Phillips wrote:

An amazing and gentle introduction to Qabalah, written in a practical and down to earth manner the book takes you to the temple of Malkuth using visualisation and meditation.  It will get you thinking about your life, who you are and what is important to you.  It introduces basics of the Qabalah and temple working without a need for any religious beliefs.  A real must if you want to start looking at how to make changes in your life.

Paula Mundy wrote:

It’s always difficult to know where to start when you’ve found a teaching that interests you, there are many books and courses to choose from, unfortunately most are confusing and costly.

The Qabalah workbooks however help you to understand the individual subject from the very start; they provide a wealth of information which is clearly written and illustrated.

Your imagination is brought to life when you read through the meditations; you’ll be connected to the energy that surrounds you.

You’ll want to explore deeper as each workbook has a unique feel, the more workbooks you read the stronger the connection you’ll have with what goes on around you.

The depth of knowledge that the authors have is clearly visible through these workbooks and we appreciate them for sharing.

Lastly, if you decide to start your journey with these workbooks, note that you are providing yourself with a solid foundation to walk on.

Jane Russell wrote:

The OWL and Isis workbooks provide concise teachings of the traditional Qabalah as has been taught by OWL teachers and through Isis workshops.  The workbooks take you step by step through each of the Sephirah on the Tree of Life with the aim of helping you understand the connections between your emotions, thoughts, attitudes and feelings, and your actual life experience.   You are encouraged to work through exercises designed to help you to face the reality of your life while helping you discover what is truly important to you and to better know yourself.

Each workbook focuses on a different energy suggesting ideas that may be worthy of deeper exploration and contemplation.  They include practical exercises which give equal importance to both heart and mind and which may help you to reach new insights that you can apply to your everyday life.  The practical aspects of the Qabalah are complemented with esoteric information.  This includes a summary of traditional correspondences and useful descriptions and illustrations in respect of each Sephirah to help prompt your own imagery in meditation.  The workbooks do not give easy answers but instead provide tools to help self reflection and to help you open to your own unique experience and inner wisdom.

There is always something new to discover within Qabalah and as someone who has worked with the Tree of Life for many years I can recommend these very accessible workbooks as suitable for both new and established learners who may be considering returning to study.

Pam King wrote:

Each Workbook takes you on a journey to a different Sephirah on the Tree of Life.  They are written step by step, progressively building up your knowledge in a very informative and practical way that is easy to understand.  The workbooks are superbly illustrated which helps to bring the Qabalah to life.

Whereas many other books that I have read on the subject are largely theoretical, these workbooks go a step further.  The information, meditations and guidance within them is really tangible, helping you to get to know the “real you” and begin to understand what is truly important in your life.

They have inspired me to look at many aspects of my life with a completely different awareness.  They are deeply thought provoking and can be read and re-read, each time bringing a new awareness and further understanding.  I can thoroughly recommend them. 

Cassandra Deacon wrote:

These workbooks are a breath of fresh air. They are modern, concise and beautifully illustrated.

Steadily building awareness of the tree of life as a whole they also provide in depth information about each of the sephirah. As you work through the books you create a fascinating journal of your own personal experiences, learning more about yourself and the ‘bigger picture’. It is explained how the previous workbook is linked in with the one you are working on, so you easily understand how the Tree of Life works – almost like a road map. As you build your knowledge and practical experiences you can become stronger spiritually, mentally and emotionally. For this reason I personally feel it is best to work on the books in order starting with Malkuth.

If you follow the workbooks closely and partake in all the practical work you can really get a lot out of your journey! The descriptions of the temples are very detailed but still allow for personal experience during the meditations described. With these books you can choose to submerge yourself deeply but on the other hand, if you wish to just ‘dip in’ there is plenty of information in bite size pieces.

The books contain practical tips such as help with meditation and links to further help on the OWL website.

Packed with information they are truly excellent value for money either for your practical journey or purely for reference.

Allison Chan wrote:

All my life I have been interested in and drawn towards spiritual and holistic studies and I have actively studied the Qabalah, with great enjoyment, for well over a year. Due to the fact that I feel and believe that my path is to spiritually give hope and protection, I have given up my old career in property management and have started a business which will also open a retail outlet in 2013.

I have used ‘The practical Qabalah’ workbooks in conjunction with my lessons and have found them to be an excellent learning resource and reference guide. They are easy to follow and take you, step by step, through the different temples and on a journey through the Tree of Life.

I have read several other books on the Qabalah and have found the Owl and Isis workbooks the best to follow because they are written in plain English and follow a structured course right from the beginning, rather than other books which assume a certain level of knowledge before you read them.

The workbooks are inspiring and enlightening, the meditations and visualisations are very powerful and extremely useful to be able to ‘feel’ what each temple is like. I would recommend these workbooks to anyone interested in studying the Qabalah and the Tree of Life.

Maria Ross wrote:

I ordered the series of workbooks exploring the teachings of the Qabalah (Kabbalah) and Tree of Life.  The books were easy to read, study and understand.  It was a very enjoyable experience.  The books are just the tool especially for busy people who want to read about the subject but have limited time.  They give you a good grasp of the teachings and help you to work on your own transformation.   They are a work of art and deserve a place in main book shops.

Lee Lam wrote:

The workbooks offer everything you could want, from a complete introduction to the sephirah, to a challenge to understand it at a deeper level.

Each workbook contains the information required to fully appreciate what each aspect of the Tree of Life represents, and offers you a number of images that allow you to get the details straight in your own mind as to what that sephirah means to you.  Alongside that knowledge, however, is the challenge: how can I incorporate what I now know into my life, to let my life run more in tune with the Tree’s teachings?

The books let you go into as much or as little detail as you want, and the exercises help you learn more about yourself.  The details given help you but there is always the teaching as well that it is your own personal journey, and no one can really tell you exactly what you will see, feel or experience along the way.  It encourages you to embrace this and run with it.

Each workbook helps you understand a little piece of who you are, and how to use what you have most effectively.  But put together, they are a powerful tool to take control of your life and it’s direction.

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