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Know Thy Self

There are many reasons why people choose to embrace spirituality and live according to spiritual values. Often it’s to find a sense of purpose in life; to become aware of the meaning behind their reason for being here, on the earth plane, and discover ways to overcome day to day challenges that can feel never…

When a Platitude is not enough

See also:  Workbooks  /   Reviews  /  Videos I love reading the many platitudes that pop up on social media. Some are fun and some have magnificent art work. There are squillions floating around so plenty of others must enjoy them too. They do the circuit and although many are just variations on the more…

Binah – Sephirah 3

See Binah Video Binah is sephirah number 3 and known as Understanding. In Chesed we go in Search of the Truth.  In Binah we strive to Understand the Purpose of Life and the meaning of Sorrow. The Spiritual Experience of Binah is:  A Vision of Sorrow and yet without Sorrow, we could not fully appreciate Joy….