Welcome to this introduction to Why Study the Tree of Life?

Why Study Qabalah?

The Order of the White Lion and Isis Tuition are run by teachers who have completed an extensive study of spiritual awareness, in particular Qabalah and the Tree of Life, working very much on a practical level.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the practical Qabalah teachings and show others how to use the Tree of Life through our series of workbooks.

Designed for beginners the workbooks prove how this Timeless Wisdom, passed down through the ages by word of mouth, remains as relevant today in the modern world as it has always been.Helping us to manage life’s challenges, identify our dreams and turn them into something real.

The Qabalah is not a religion, it is more a Way of Life.

The Tree of Life covers all aspects of spirituality. The teachings show us there is no need to limit ourselves or stick rigidly to any one belief.

They outline the route to happiness, fulfilment and peace, and very simply promote a Way of Life that is ‘Right for You’.

There are no promises of quick fixes.  Anything worthwhile takes time but what we receive from this Ancient Wisdom is the equivalent of a Degree in Life.

The teachings take us on a journey that begins on the ground floor.  Here we examine the way we handle the energy of the physical plane.  We discover what we really want, who we are and our purpose on Earth.  (See also Soul Functions)

As we explore the different sephiroth, and ascend the Tree of Life, we learn the art of Self Mastery. Doorways of understanding open and we naturally find we begin to extend on our senses.  Our sixth sense becomes more active and our intuition sparks into life as we realise our point of power is in the Here and Now.

The human brain, the most complex and active organ in the body is one of the greatest tools in the universe.  Its full potential is unknown.  It is a limitless source of creative imagination.  It gives us the power to sow creative seeds and bring ideas to life.

Qabalah teaches us how to tap into this power, to balance the energies of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and stimulate it into action.  We begin to appreciate the Great Magic that is the Mind as our life takes on a shape that we want – transforming the seeds of our desires into something real.

The Ancient Wisdom of Qabalah raises our awareness on all levels. Guided by the Tree of Life the teachings can show us how to  bring heaven down to earth thus creating the ideal life that is Right for You.

Getting started with the Tree of Life and practical Qabalah – Malkuth the Kingdom