The practical QabalahThe practical Qabalah takes us on an exciting Journey of Self Discovery and Spiritual Awakening. Many people want to make changes in their life and develop the spiritual side of themselves. However, with so many faiths, beliefs and religions all purporting to help us on our way, it can be a little bewildering particularly to those just starting out.

The Order of the White Lion and Isis Tuition are run by teachers who have completed an extensive study of Spiritual Awareness, in particular the Qabalah and Tree of Life.  We work very much on a practical level.  Our aim is to raise awareness of this Ancient Wisdom and explain how to use the Tree of Life, to help others find a way of living their lives more fully:

To Know, Understand themselves, and those around them more completely

Through our series of practical workbooks we hope to inspire others to explore the bigger, spiritual picture; to stimulate Creative Energy and find effective ways to Breathe Life into it.

There is so much in life for us to experience, and take part in, but first we must prepare for the journey and be ready, open and receptive for what may lay ahead.

Getting started with the Tree of Life