The purpose of doing any sort of spiritual work is to help us to fulfill our destiny – our Soul Functions – and lead satisfying, enjoyable lives. However, there is absolutely no point in chasing after our rainbow if our lives are not in order and our feet not firmly on the ground.  We will never attain our goals or successfully help others if we cannot get our own life in order first.

Know Thy Self

Know Thy Self is a key phrase within the practical Qabalah.

Knowing who we are includes understanding how we operate on the physical plane – the world we live in.

Quite often in crossword puzzles we see the word Want is used as the clue to find the answer Need – are these two things the same though?

If they’re not the same, then what is the difference between a  want  and a  need ?

In a dictionary, the word  want  is listed as being something we have a strong  desire  for. A need is something that is necessary.

Wants, therefore, represent desires.  Whereas Needs are essential to our well being. Satisfying our needs then, must surely take precedence over pursuing wants and desires?

The journey exploring the Qabalistic Tree of Life often begins by encouraging us to look at the world we live in, and the life we have created for ourselves.

We can begin by asking ourselves what it is we want, and if we are happy with our life.

Do I have what I want?  If not …. Why not?

Am I happy with my life?  If not …. Why not?

It may be easier to begin by thinking about what you don’t want and work towards eliminating that, and then consider what you feel is absolutely essential to your well-being.

Ask yourself:  What do I need in order to survive?

There is no need to feel guilty about pursuing needs.  It is not a selfish act because ultimately the more stable and secure you are within yourself, the more use you can be in helping others achieve the same state of being.

There is no need to feel guilty about pursuing wants either.  Wants are secondary, and many express an underlying need – if the need is fulfilled, then often the want will change.


There are always going to be times when we cannot have what we want, and then we have to find a way of acceptance. Sometimes acceptance is the only way forward.  But perhaps we also need to ask our self if the reason behind why we don’t have what we want is because we are counting the cost?  There is a price to pay for every exchange in the universe.  If we count the cost then perhaps we don’t want it enough. There are no rights or wrongs.  No judgements. We have the freedom to make our own choices and decisions. We just need to know what we want, and what we need and then ask our Self if we are prepared to pay the price.

Know Thyself

and start to

Live the Life that is Right for You

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