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The practical teachings of the Qabalah are mapped out on the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life can be likened to a spiritual map that can be used in our everyday life.  It has paths that gently guide us from one area of life into another.

The teachings can help us to identify our dreams and turn them into something real, and also help with life’s challenges.  Whatever is happening in our life we can map it on the Tree of Life. Through applying the practical teachings and meditation, we can find different ways to overcome our difficulties.

There are no judgements – no Rights or Wrongs. There is only the way that is Right for You in line with the Will of the Soul and personal needs.

The Tree of Life has many levels. There are “Worlds within Worlds”.

To look at a picture of the Tree of Life we can see there are 10  circles and a lot of  lines. The lines are known as “Paths” and align with the major Trump (karmic) tarot cards. The coloured circles are called sephirah (singular) or sephiroth (plural).

Each sephirah is numbered and linked to a planetand many other correspondences.

There is another region on the Tree of Life which is quite often hidden or shown only as a dotted circle. This area is linked to Pluto (Daath) and situated vertically between the white and yellow circles.

Everything in the Universe is energy of one form or another. As the planets move they form configurations and are positioned in ways that consistently bring about the same sort of results. The energy of each planet affects us in different ways. For example:

The Moon governs our emotional reactions and responses, and cycles we find ourselves repeating. The planet Mars challenges our courage and daring, and brings out the warrior within us in order to survive.

As well as having planetary information linked to them the sephiroth also relate to different aspects of our lives.

The Sephiroth:

Earth (Malkuth): this sephirah deals with the Physical Body and physical plane i.e. the world we live in. Malkuth represents the “end result”.  We can meditate in the Temple of Malkuth and contemplate on the way we Behave and take Action in our everyday life. Discrimination (priorities)

Moon (Yesod)this sephirah helps us to recognise the way we emotionally react and respond to events, people and situations. This area holds within it the memories of all that has gone before and encourages us to become more aware of the cycles in our life and emotional habit patterns. Emotional Independence

Mercury (Hod): this sephirah aligns with our own Personal Will. It deals with Personal Attitudes and the way we build images in the mind.  Truth (personal)

Venus (Netzach): Venus is the planet of love and desire. Netzach tests our personal ability to love unconditionally and overcome low levels of self-worth.  Feelings

The Sun (Tiphareth): Tiphareth is our point of Balance.  In this sephirah we learn how to trust our Intuition and see through the Eyes of the Soul.  Healing

Mars (Geburah): In Geburah we face our Karma and Karmic conditions brought through from previous lifetimes. This sephirah deals with purification and elimination – helping us to recognise all that has out-lived its usefulness and holding us back.  Soul Will

Jupiter (Chesed): On the Tree of Life Chesed governs the area that encourages us to explore the “Bigger Picture in more depth.  Here we aspire to commune with Ascended Masters – Teachers of Humanity – to understand our place in the jigsaw of life. Growth

Saturn (Binah): Binah represents structure and discipline.  Here we learn about the importance of Silence and the role of the “Spiritual Mother” who watches over her children. Restriction

Uranus (Chokmah): Chokmah aligns with Spiritual Truths. Here we experience the force of the universal energy and learn how to channel it down, and through us, in a controlled and safe manner. Spiritual Will (Purpose and Direction).

Neptune (Kether): the spiritual energy of Kether inspires us to just “BE”. This sephirah is the source of all energy. Kether represents the beginning and the end – the first spark of creation, and reunion with the Source. Self / Spiritual Desire

The Paths:

The Paths on the Tree of Life are representative of the journey we walk in life. Each path aligns with a major tarot card. These cards are known as Karmic or Trump cards. Through understanding what the paths and teachings mean, we can help ourselves find more effective ways of handling Life Challenges.

The first path guides us from the sephirah of the Earth plane – otherwise known in Hebrew as Malkuth – to the Moon sephirah of Yesod. This path is called the Universe Path. The Universe path helps us to understand the Cycles of Life.

The karmic (Trump) tarot  card this path aligns with is the Universe card. The Universe card works with the energy of the planet Saturn. If this tarot card appears in a reading it can indicate a refusal to learn the lessons of life. It is this refusal to learn from our life experiences that ties us to our karmic conditions and the endless cycle of birth/death/rebirth. It is only when we recognise and accept the condition does the karma drop away.

The Journey:

The practical teachings of the Qabalah take us on a journey exploring the Tree of Life. The journey begins in Malkuth (Earth) – the physical plane (and physical body).  Malkuth focuses on the life we have created for ourselves within the material world, and the way we play the Game of Life.  From the physical plane the journey proceeds to the realms of the personality where we explore our emotional reactions and responses; we examine the way we think and our attitude; the way we interact with others and the sort of relationships we enter into, as well as the relationship we have with Self.

The next part of the journey leads us into the realms of the soul. The soul is objective and detached, and interested only in reaching out and aligning the Soul Will to the Will of the Personality. Each of us has a Soul Function to perform and through acting on our intuition we can walk the path intended for us in harmony, and in tune, with the natural order of the Universe.

The last part of the journey corresponds with the spiritual worlds. Here we aspire to create our own Heaven on Earth, and operate as Magicians – able to juggle all the elements of life – receptive to the endless possibilities the universe has to offer. The aim is to return to the Source of Creation as pure beings –  in perfect alignment with Spiritual Truth and Spiritual Will.

The journey is truly exciting!  Once begun – we never look back because we find better ways of living that work for us.

Getting started with the practical Qabalah and Tree of Life – Malkuth the Kingdom

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