The temples of the Tree of Life are situated within each sephirah and part of the magic is learning how to access them and build the visual imagery.

These temples have been used by many over thousands of years but it is important we make them real for us.  We use our own imagery and go with whatever we get.

A temple is a place where we can detach from our day to day life, and make a strong connection with our higher self.

The temples are not all the same – they look and feel very different, and each one offers insights on different aspects of energy and areas of life.

There are 10 temples – one for each sephirah – and 22 paths.  The paths connect the sephiroth – with each path taking you to the doorway of another sephirah and inner temple.

We can use these temples to help us on our journey through life, and to find answers to overcome challenges.


The first temple we visit as we ascend the Tree of Life – travelling from the physical to the spiritual planes – is the oak temple of Malkuth.

All journeys begin and end in Malkuth.  It is the sephirah we always return to, to bring us back to the physical plane.

We would meditate in the temple of Malkuth for solace and peace, to sort out earthly problems i.e. money, and to ground one’s self.

Inside the temple we get the opportunity to connect with Sandalphon – the Archangel and Guardian of Humanity – and the Elemental Kings and their Kingdoms.

Click here for more on the Temple of Malkuth and the 4 Worlds, and for information on how to purchase the Malkuth workbook available in KIndle  pdf  and paperback format.

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