The Temple of Netzach Qabalah Meditation is a great aid with understanding, and improving the experience, of the practical Qabalah teachings.

Netzach – Victory

The following is an extract from the Temple of Netzach guided meditation that can be found in the Netzach workbook.

The Temple of Netzach is the sphere of love and sculpture of souls. In guided meditation Haniel – Archangel of Netzach – will invite you to look deep into the heart of the rose flame on the altar which holds within it the lamp of memory. As you watch the soft blue flame of the lamp of memory you will see one facet of history that lies dormant in your past. It is the history of you and your love – loves that you have known and lives that you have loved.


Netzach is sephirah number 7 on the Tree of Life. After Netzach the next sphere, and meditation, to explore is Tiphareth, and the beginning of soul level. In Tiphareth we start the process of aligning the will of the personality to the will of soul. And, in guided meditation, begin to see through the Eyes of the Soul.

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