The Temple of Hod Qabalah Meditation is a great aid with understanding, and improving the experience, of the practical Qabalah teachings.

Hod the Splendour

The sephirah Hod is situated in the region of the personality on the Tree of Life and is known as Splendour or Glory. This area represents the Splendour of the workings of the human mind, and conscious thoughts and attitudes.

The journey to the Ice Temple of Hod inspires the student to become more aware of the importance of building truthful images in the mind, and the strength of personal will power.

Inside the Temple of Hod is the Archangel Michael who is the Light Bringer. Michael holds aloft his rod of fire that will shed its light deep into the inner chambers of your mind.

The following is an extract from the Temple of Hod guided meditation that can be found in the Hod workbook.


Hod is sephirah number 8 on the Tree of Life. After Hod the next sephirah, and meditation, to explore is Netzach. Netzach is the sphere of love and feelings. Meditating in Netzach takes the student into memories of past loves and lives you have loved.

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