The Temple of Geburah Qabalah Meditation is a great aid with understanding, and improving the experience, of the practical Qabalah teachings.

Geburah – Might

Geburah is the sephirah known as Might, Severity and Reality. It is the area on the Tree of Life where we face our fears and understand the purpose of Karma.

The following is an extract from a guided meditation to the Egyptian Temple of Geburah that can be found in the Geburah workbook.

This meditation cleanses and purifies, and helps to clear away all that has outlived its usefulness, to see the beginning of wisdom.

Qabalah Geburah Meditation

Geburah is sephirah number 5 and situated in the realms of the Soul on the Tree of Life. Meditating in the Temple of Geburah helps to reveal traits in our personality that keep us bound to the continuous cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Here we discover karmic links we share with others and come face to face with the Will of the Soul.

The next sephirah, and meditation, to explore is Chesed – the sphere of order, timing and Teachers of Humanity.

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