The Temple of Chokmah Qabalah Meditation is a great aid with understanding, and improving the experience of, the practical Qabalah teachings.

Chokmah – Wisdom

The Temple of Chokmah is a very powerful temple. Chokmah is the sphere – on the Tree of Life – that focuses our attention on our destiny and soul functions. We would meditate in this ancient temple for spiritual direction and to connect with the force of our creative power.

In guided meditation we are taken far out into the universe and given the opportunity to see where our destiny lies. And to examine the strength of our personal will. We are reminded that without the strength of Will we will not fulfil our destiny.

Qabalah Book Chokmah Meditation

When dealing with Chokmah it is important to remember you are dealing with raw energy and as such it needs careful handling. Unlike the previous sephiroth there are no vices in Chokmah – the energy is pure. The virtue of Chokmah is Devotion – pure devotion. At this level of the Tree of Life the aim is to live our lives in pure devotion to spiritual truths. There are no compromises with spiritual truth – it just IS.

We may be natural teachers, healers or protectors. However, we must be prepared to explore our creative power otherwise our natural talents may never be realised and put to practical use.

The next sephirah, and meditation to experience, is Kether. Kether is sephirah number 1 and known as the Crown.

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