The Temple of Chesed Qabalah Meditation is a great aid with understanding, and improving the experience, of the practical Qabalah teachings.

Chesed – Mercy

The following is an extract from the Temple of Chesed guided meditation that can be found in the Chesed workbook Two.

The journey to the sapphire Temple of Chesed begins with a steep climb on a rocky path that winds its way around a snow-capped mountain. On the way we meet the Hermit of the mountain who holds the keys that will open the doors to the temple.

Qabalah Chesed Meditation

The Temple of Chesed Qabalah meditation gives the student the opportunity to look into their picture of life. It is like a giant jigsaw and with patience and effort it is possible to fit one piece into another and find the beginning of the blue-print of their past, present and future.

The next sephirah, and meditation, to explore is Binah. Binah represents the Womb of Creation and Mother of Form.

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