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Hidden within the subconscious are the secrets of our past and the key to our future. The subconscious has been likened to a vast sea of memory. Within this vast sea, hidden treasures are buried deep. Skeletons of the past may also lurk here – in the murky depths – out of sight, rhythmically rising to the surface continuing to haunt us.

The power of the subconscious is awesome. For many though, it is beyond our control. This is where the practical Qabalah can help by educating us how to rein in this huge power and take control. The questions we have to ask our self is:

Do I want to be in control?

Do I want control over my own life?

Do I care enough, or am I happy to be controlled by external influences and others, buffeted and dragged about by the tide of emotions that frustrations can bring?

Its not all doom and gloom!

Our subconscious is like a huge memory bank. It is a storehouse of all the memories of everything that has gone before. This includes all the good memories as well as the not-so-good ones. Nothing is left out. Everything that happens.  Every person that we come into contact with – no matter how long the duration or acute the interaction – our subconscious stores it all.

How does that Affect Us?

The way we automatically react and respond is built into our subconscious.

The state of our subconscious governs how we handle situations, events and people.   The way we deal with things is like a habit pattern – something we don’t necessarily consciously set out to do, but something we may continually find ourselves doing all the same.  Life, after life, after life ……. until we change the programme.

Who Were You?

Through observing what is happening in our life we can start to understand what happened to us in the Past.

The person you are Now – is the Product of Your Past

The practical Qabalah can help us to unlock that past and recognise the traits we have inherited and brought through from previous lives. The teachings can guide and help us to change the blue-print of our future so rather than be stuck playing out the same old scenarios, we can break free from negative habit patterns and begin to create the life we would want for ourselves.

We can learn how to become more aware of our Self and the Way we Behave. We can detect negative cycles of behaviour that we frequently get caught in, and understand why we may repeatedly find ourselves trying to deal with the same old issues again, and again.

By understanding the way the subconscious works we can start to take the reins and consciously alter the programme. Emotional Independence can change your life and help you to Live the Life that is Right for You.

More on Emotional Independence and the Power of the Subconscious can be found in the Yesod Workbook.