Any time is a good time for a spiritual spring clean.

It is very easy to look at others, and the life they are leading, and make comparisons.  Some people seem to sail through life. Everything they touch turns to gold.  While others struggle just to keep ticking along. Religious organisations and spiritual centres provide sustenance and comfort to many. Not just those who are vulnerable and struggling but also to those who feel something is missing from their life. And those who feel driven to put their life to better use.  Perhaps to help others.

Qabalah is another way we can find a sense of peace, of belonging and perhaps of coming home.

Through studying and exploring the practical Qabalah we can help ourselves to stay on track to live happy and satisfying lives, as well as achieving a sense of fulfilment.

What is Qabalah?

The Qabalah is not a religion.  It is a Way of Life.  The teachings cover all aspects of life on earth and explain how the whole of humanity are at different levels of evolvement.  They also help us to understand that we all have different life lessons to experience, and to appreciate the purpose of Karma and why some people’s lives seem truly blessed, while others appear to be strewn with challenges.  It is nothing to do with punishment – it is more about realisation.

These ancient teachings are still as relevant in today’s world as they have always been – passed down through the ages by word of mouth.  However, in a world besotted with the idea of quick fixes and material wealth – the Qabalah is not going to be popular with everyone. Students need to be self motivated and disciplined.  Integrity and Humility are also key requirements.

The journey we travel through life challenges us on many levels.  By applying the practical teachings we automatically start to live better lives.  The teachings are not exclusive to intellectuals, and those with a gift for understanding the intangible and deeply profound.  They are simple and effective, and outline the route to finding a sense of purpose and peace.

We are all blessed with the gift of Free Will.  This means we always have a choice in the way we react and respond to people, situations and events.  We will all eventually return to the Source of all Creation – some more speedily than others.  What the practical Qabalah does, is help us on our way, and by making choices and decisions in line with the true nature of who we are, we can start to live the life that is Right for Us and bring Heaven down to Earth.

Getting started with the Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life