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How can we Help our Selves?

Very easily – we can start by asking ourselves:

“Who Am I”?

“What Do I Want”?

We can begin the process of helping our self by considering those questions, and thinking about what it is that we want in life? Do you Know what you want?

Many people don’t.

The journey exploring the Tree of Life begins in Malkuth by asking us to identify our Wants and Needs. We cannot improve our life or work towards achieving our goals, if we do not know what we want.

Something else to think about .

Are your Thoughts your Own?

Of course they are!  I hear you cry.  Who else do they belong to?

There is such a thing as the Universal Consciousness and in the same way you can tune into other people’s thoughts – they can tune into yours.

So, are your thoughts your own?  Are the opinions you hold Yours?  Or do you prefer to let others do your thinking for you?  Look at the world around you.  You are the creator of your own Universe – think about that.

We can help ourselves by taking a break from other people’s opinions (books etc.) and spend some time contemplating on who has shaped our mind:

  • Teachers
  • Peers
  • Parents
  • Government

All of these influences have played a part in shaping our mind.  If we want to change our life perhaps we need to change our thinking.

Know Thy Self is a key message reiterated throughout the practical Qabalah

We can Help Our Self by getting to Know Thyself and Know what We Think

More on the Power of Thought can be found in Hod  See also Hod Video