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The world we live in is governed by money.  Money is a form of energy, it is what we use to buy things.  Things we need.  Sometimes we can find other means of exchange but it is unlikely we can negotiate a head massage in exchange for gas or electricity.

There are some incidences where other methods of payment simply won’t work, so money is part of the world we live in and enables us to survive to varying degrees.

Money is the energy of the Earth Plane

Everything in the universe is a form of energy of one sort or another.

Everything looked under a microscope can be broken down into molecules, and beyond that into atoms.  The difference between a tree and a coin is the way the atoms bond and come together. So, everything is energy and all energy is in a constant state of movement and change.

This is the same for money.  How we manage this form of energy depends on how good we are at manipulating, and playing, the Game of Life.

From the moment we are born we are required to participate in the Game of Life.  There are no handbooks.  We find our way using our senses and instincts.

We can help ourselves:

  •     By learning from what has gone before
  •     Through developing foresight to see what lies ahead
  •     By continually remembering to Live in the Now

It doesn’t sound terribly hard.  However, while we are playing this game – so is everyone else – and everyone has a different set of rules,  and a different perspective and outlook on life.

Most people need a source of money to help them survive but there are no set guidelines on how much we will need.  Consequently many feel driven – sometimes through fear of the unknown – to accumulate and hoard.  Where money is concerned it is often thought there is never enough.

When our Game of Life is over we cannot take any money with us, so we must be careful we do not allow our lives to be dominated by it.  How much of your physical, emotional and mental energy is spent being governed by money?

All energy, including money, needs to be kept moving freely.  We need to manage this earth plane energy and avoid excessive hoarding and over controlling. This can lead to blockages, as it interferes with the free-flow of movement.

Animals do not hoard more than they need.  Once a bird has finished with its nest it moves on.

There are many things in the universe that are free but we tend to over-look these simple pleasures.

We over-farm our land.  We do not allow the earth time to recover naturally.  We feed our livestock chemicals and force them to live in unnatural conditions.  We interfere with the weather patterns by polluting the air and sea.  We interfere so much with nature and often all to make more money.

So, how do you survive?  How do you play the Game of Life and what is in your book of rules?

Do you concern yourself only with satisfying needs – needs that are essential to your well-being like food, warmth and shelter?  Or do you strive continuously to accumulate more and more, chaining yourself to the material world?  As with all things – there needs to be a balance.

Wanting things is not wrong but we can get so caught up in our desire for more that we can fail to appreciate what we already have, and forget to live.  We can forget there is a bigger picture.  We can forget we have a mission on Earth, a function.

Our challenge on Earth is to learn how to play this Game of Life, and fulfil our soul function; to Live the Life that is Right for Us and ultimately be of service to others, to help them achieve the same.

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