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What is the Qabalah?

Perhaps it is easier to start with what the Qabalah is not.  The Qabalah is not a religion.  It is:

A Way of Life

The Qabalah does, however, recognise the value in everything and embraces all aspects of spiritual life.

Do I need any special training?

The practical Qabalah is for everyone.  The only requirements are:

Self Discipline

Self Honesty

Self Motivation

Are the teachings relevant to everyday life?

The teachings are timeless. This ancient knowledge has been passed down through the ages by word of mouth – they remain as relevant today as they have ever been.

What can the teachings do for me?

The practical Qabalah provides insights which may inspire us to break free from living a life that is wrong for us, and show us how to create the ideal life that will bring peace, fulfilment and happiness.

How Can I Get Started?

A good place to start is at the beginning!  Malkuth, sephirah number ten helps us to understand how we play this Game called Life.  It deals with sorting out the basics.  Do not be tempted to jump ahead and skip over this area.  Without a solid base we will not progress very far with the Tree of Life.  Our energy will get drawn back time and again to Malkuth until we master the art of managing our life.

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