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The Qabalah is a wealth of information. For centuries this ancient wisdom has been used as a means of experiencing, and understanding, the different aspects of creation. The practical teachings are mapped out on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life can be used as a spiritual tool and guide. Like a road map, the Tree of Life provides a route, back to the source of creation. Each of the 10 sephirah represents a different aspect of God that resides within us, and have their own temple or inner connecting point.

We can use these inner temples or connecting points to help us to meditate and contemplate when we need information to help us in our daily life.

The ten sephiroth also have different archangels and angels assigned to them.

The role of the archangel is to oversee Gods plan for humanity, while the angels are the messengers to help those on Earth bring these plans into manifestation.

Each archangel has a different role and can be called upon to help us with various elements within our life.

Study of the practical Qabalah provides insights into how to connect with, and be guided by, the Archangels and Tree of Life.

Guided Archangel Meditation available in iTunes