Lorraine Morgan

Lorraine1-2Lorraine Morgan is co-author of  The Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life book series

Lorraine has been a practising Qabalist for over 28 years and is a founder member of The Order of the White Lion

One of the most dedicated and experienced teachers of The Order of the White Lion, Lorraine has had extensive training in the art of self-discovery including over 15 years study with the Maat Order.

It was never Lorraine’s intention to embark on a spiritual journey. However, her inquiring mind, and a series of events and opportunities, inspired her to follow a trail that led her to the doorway of Qabalah.

28 years ago Lorraine stepped onto a path that was to change her life forever.

When Lorraine began studying at the Mystery School of Maat the subjects studied included Astrology, Tarot, Inner Light, Karma, and the practical Qabalah (Tree of Life).

In 2002 the Mystery School of Maat evolved into The Order of the White Lion

Today, Lorraine’s aim is to pass on these ancient teachings in a way that is easy to understand and incorporate into everyday life through a series of Tree of Life workbooks

To help you to decide if the practical Qabalah is something you may wish to study please read the workbook reviews

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