The Order of the White Lionowllogo4 is a site concerned with encouraging the co-existence of all beliefs whatever race, culture or creed – not one trying to convert the other, but working together in the common search for the One Universal Truth that ensures peace of mind for all.

Many seriously believe that there is a common bridge of thought that can encompass all things, however seemingly strange. The difficulty is in finding that bridge, for most of us are full of preconceived ideas, and frightened of anything new.

O.W.L (Order of the White Lion) will be taking a look at different approaches to a Universal Language so profound that it seems complex in its’ simplicity – yet it is simply the language of nature which is subject to the same universal laws as ourselves.

With a little observation this language can be used as a tool to help us discover ourselves and our true potential, for we can learn to act in time with the natural cycle of our lives.  If we stop considering how wrong others are, but instead look to how right they could be, we may find a way of fitting things together in accord with all thoughts and beliefs, which will lead to greater tolerance and understanding of ourselves and each other.

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ARISTIA is an excellent resource for one’s spiritual journey; includes books, crystals and much more. Mail order available.

“The time is upon us to lift our vision beyond our selves. Our vehicle is Us”

The Quirky Qabalist – Spiritual CoachingIt is really hard to find a safe, non-judgmental environment to talk through your beliefs – but I can offer that.  I can help you dig down deep into your personal purpose, and support you in finding out who you are.

Would I tell you what to do?   No.

Will I have all of the answers?   No.

Will I be there every step of the way with you?   Absolutely.

Through the use of the Qabalah teachings, tarot, astrology, meditation and a lot of talking and soul searching, I can help you make sense of your life and help you frame your purpose.  The road to enlightenment is daunting but with a set of tools, enthusiasm and a sense of fun, I firmly believe anyone can navigate their way through.

Why Am I Here?  To help others find out how to answer that question.

AllisonLogoBody Soul & Spirit opened 1st March 2013. The shop is based in Weymouth, Dorset, and quite by coincidence the owner, Allison Chan, discovered after purchasing the property that it used to be an early Methodist Prayer House where John Wesley (one of the founders of Methodism) used to preach.

The aim of the retail outlet is to promote and help educate people in the lost arts, providing a wealth of products, and later courses and services, for the wellbeing of Body Soul & Spirit. From bath bombs with essential oils to quartz crystal tipped tuning forks, tarot cards to designer jewellery, the shop has something that everyone will be able to relate to and enjoy. The staff are qualified in a wide and diverse range of Natural Health Sciences and will go the extra mile for their visitors by providing a ‘Wish List’ to endeavour to source products for their visitors.

Self Growth – a complete guide to information about Personal Growth