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As in all things, a good place to start exploring the practical Qabalah and Tree of Life is at the beginning, and the sephirah of the Earth Plane: Malkuth

Malkuth – The Kingdom (sephirah number 10)

When studying the practical Qabalah the student often begins at the base of the Tree of Life, and starts by familiarising themselves first with the sephirah known as the Temple of Earth. The Hebrew name for this temple is Malkuth which in English means The Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Earth

The Great Oak Temple of Malkuth represents the physical plane.  The physical plane is the World of Matter – it is the world we live in.  In Malkuth we examine the way we behave and the personal life we have created for ourselves.

As we go deeper into the teachings we discover that the Tree of Life has many levels.

There are Worlds within Worlds

Meditating in the oak Temple of Malkuth helps the individual to become more aware of the energy of the material (physical) plane and gain a greater understanding of the way they handle this energy, and take Action in Everyday Life.

The Malkuth workbook is the first in this series of practical Qabalah books. This workbook outlines how the Tree of Life can be used, and in practical, simple terms allows the student to access the five senses:  Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Sound, and the basic values of the Earth Plane which include financial, physical, and material wants – as opposed to essential needs. (See also Wants and Needs)
Malkuth can also be used to help examine, and find answers to, challenging issues in everyday life such as financial concerns and physical wellbeing.
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