Getting Started with Qabalah

Getting started with the Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life teachings.

Getting started with Qabalah

Isis Tuition and The Order of the White Lion have produced a series of practical Qabalah workbooks – in paperback, Kindle and pdf format – to aid students on their journey of self awareness.
Each Workbook is complete in itself and altogether they link one with another as part of the whole.

Through the Temple Visualisation, awareness meditation, practical exercises, and consolidation of personal experience, each book seeks to cover and simplify all aspects of the area involved.

Every Sephirah (circle) on the Tree of Life is regarded as a Temple Within, and each temple can be used to aid understanding of the various levels of awareness in the human psyche.

As in all things, a good place to start exploring the practical Qabalah and Tree of Life is at the beginning, and the sephirah of the Earth Plane  namely Malkuth.

Malkuth – The Kingdom (sephirah number 10)

The study of Malkuth is a beautiful introduction to the Tree of Life. The student is shown how to build the imagery of this wooden Temple which lies within an ancient and vast oak tree.
In guided meditation the student is introduced to the hidden worlds of existence, and the Elemental Kings and their Kingdoms.
The teachings of Malkuth help us on a practical level to keep our feet firmly on the ground. We find ways to manage our time and energy more efficiently and connect with the Spirit of Nature.
As we move further into the Tree of Life we experience more guided meditations and explore different aspects of our personality. Each temple is very different and all offer insights into how we can improve our life.
The teachings can be worked on an Individual and Universal level so, through this study, the student can relate the teachings not only to themselves, but also to the whole of humanity.
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