Worlds Apart is the autobiography of Jenni Shell, founder of the Mystery School of Maat and The Order of the White Lion.

In this highly inspiring autobiography, Jenni Shell traces the circumstances and consequences of traumatic events in two early childhoods: the one of her mother in the Edwardian era, and her own in the last years of the Second World War and after.

Although her mother had been diagnosed with a form of schizophrenia, there were indications that she might have been silenced, and it became her daughter’s heartfelt commitment to bring to light the ‘truth’ about what might have been a tragic misdiagnosis.

Trying to understand her mother’s suffering led the young woman to discover spiritual meaning in many so-called ‘delusional’ realities and synchronicities, which seemed to contradict her traditional upbringing.

We become witness to a life-long search in an attempt to reconcile reason, practicalities and the soul’s cosmic way of communication, and how this experience led her into mediating and teaching what she had learnt to many others.

Worlds Apart is, in a personal sense, a late and moving story of redemption: an account of the never told events that triggered her mother’s illness, and ultimately the path of healing commenced in the next generation.

In 1981 Jenni founded Maat – a Qabalah or mystery school designed to inspire individuals to put into practice their life as personality, soul and spirit, beyond any rigid perspective. Well over 6,000 people from all walks of life attended, and have had the chance to work closely with this powerful, down to earth and modest teacher.

Despite her exposure to the public, Jenni has not sought a great deal of public attention. Worlds Apart shows why. Her whole life’s focus – initially triggered by family trauma – has always remained in exploring the fine line between what can be misunderstood as mental illness on the one hand, and the urgent language of spiritual impressions on the other. Students felt attracted to and deeply understood by this approach.

The need to understand the vital forces of the psyche and adjust one’s life practically in order to grow as a human being, has always been at the centre of her life and teachings.

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The Order of the White Lion is a teaching site that deals with all aspects of spiritual and physical life.

Many seriously believe there is a common bridge of thought that can encompass all things however seemingly strange. The difficulty is in finding that bridge for most of us are full of preconceived ideas, and frightened of anything new.

The Order of the White Lion (O.W.L) will be taking a look at different approaches to a Universal Language so profound that it seems complex in its’ simplicity – yet it is simply the language of nature which is subject to the same universal laws as ourselves.

With a little observation this language can be used as a tool to help us discover ourselves and our true potential, for we can learn to act in time with the natural cycle of our lives.

If we stop considering how wrong others are, but instead look to how right they could be, we may find a way of fitting things together in accord with all thoughts and beliefs, which will lead to greater tolerance and understanding of ourselves and each other.

Complete series of Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life workbooks can be found on The Order of the White Lion website.

Also by Jenni Shell and Paul French: Guided Archangel Meditation available in iTunes