A key phrase throughout the Ancient Wisdom of Qabalah is Know Thy Self.

There are many reasons why people choose to embrace spirituality and live according to spiritual values.

Often it’s to find a sense of purpose in life; to become aware of the meaning behind their reason for being here, on the earth plane, and discover ways to overcome day to day challenges that can feel never ending.

Whatever the personal motivation for searching for spiritual answers in a world with a multi range of religions, faiths, traditions and beliefs to choose from it can be confusing, for those just starting out.

It can be challenging to find a route, or path to follow, that not only inspires creativity and personal growth but also essentially feels right.

Unlike many other spiritual options the teachings of the practical Qabalah, mapped out on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, never tell us what to do or dictate how to live our life.

Instead this ancient philosophy of life simply provides insights that encourage us to widen our perceptions of the world and prompt us to examine our own behaviour, emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Know Thy Self

It can be difficult sometimes to face up to the reality of who we really are. Often our perception of ourselves, and others, trips us up and prevents us from moving forwards towards achieving our full potential.

The Tree of Life can be likened to a spiritual map that guides us through the different aspects of our life.  The Qabalah teachings help us to Know Thy Self – to raise our conscious awareness of repetitive patterns of behaviour, attitudes and emotions that hold us back, and cause pain. Thus we are more able to take action and make positive changes that can aid and speed up the process of healing and transformation. Throughout the Qabalah teachings our gift of free will is respected. This means we maintain the right to make our own choices and decisions, and learn how to take responsibility for, and accept the consequences of our actions when such decisions lead to unfavourable outcomes.

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