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My dad was very gifted and underneath all the wallpaper there were beautiful examples of his artwork.

My own attempts to replicate his talent led me to believe for years that sadly I hadn’t been blessed with the same creative ability.  It was only when I began to explore Qabalah and the Tree of Life, and wanted to express my own interpretation of the teachings, did I realise my mistake.

Everyone has creative potential.

We have often preconditioned ourselves to believe that something is only worthy or of value if it is recognised as such by others.

Consequently – through fear of failure, or ridicule – we give up and stop exploring and developing our own creativity.

Qabalah and the Tree of Life have inspired me in so many areas of my life, and helped me to realise that if something gives me pleasure; if I have had fun drawing, writing, singing or dancing, then to keep on doing it, for the joy of it and not for the recognition or value that others choose to bestow.

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