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Everyone has their own perspective on what a spiritual journey is. From a personal viewpoint, my spiritual journey started with a conscious decision to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

It may not sound very spiritual – learning from the ground floor up, but it was the right approach for me.

Lorraine1-2I took my first steps preparing for my journey without realising it. I put it down to synchronicity – being in the right place at the right time.

When I look back I can see I followed a trail, the result of circumstances and situations that occurred at the time. I could have wandered off in a different direction – but I didn’t. Whatever force was guiding me did it in such a gentle and subtle way there was no reason for me – Lorraine, the personality – to object and run a mile.

When I first started learning astrology – many years ago – at the Mystery School of Maat it became obvious that my slant on life was very different from many of my peers. They seemed a lot more accepting about a ‘bigger picture’ than myself.

It was starting on the ground floor – getting to know myself – and examining my personality and the life I had created for myself, that motivated me to explore deeper. It might seem an odd way to embark on a spiritual adventure but had I been steered in the direction of meditating for hours on end I would never had stayed the course.

I studied the practical Qabalah and Tree of Life with the School of Maat for 15 years. There was no pressure to continue with the studies. People who attended the school came and went, and no questions were asked.

The classes suited me. I loved the fact they were what I considered to be ‘down to earth’. Had I been fast-tracked to anything deeper or more intense I would have been lost. I needed a tangible approach. Something I could grab hold of and easily understand. Vague impressions were lost on me. Endless meditation bored me.

There was no obvious moment of realisation on how I could improve my life. I had no idea what my creative talents were, unlike others who knew they were healers or channellers.

I barely knew what to do with a crystal, I thought they were just pretty ornaments. The topic of angels was a mystery to me. So, learning about me, my hopes, fears and dreams for the future, was the first important step.

However, although as students we may have differed in outlook from one another, the one thing we all shared was our need to put what we had learned to good use. Many of us felt compelled in some way to ‘do something’. Otherwise what was the point of our years of studying. We all knew we had a life purpose and our common aim was to discover what that life purpose was, and breathe life into it.

Therein lies the challenge for all of us on the earth plane, to discover – regardless of faith, belief or tradition:

Who We Are

Why We Are Here

and What is our Purpose and Function?

There is motive and intention behind everyone’s physical incarnation irrespective of circumstances and duration. We are all each other’s teacher, and those living what may appear to be a lowly and unproductive life may be providing the most valuable life lessons for others.

It took me many years to realise what I could do to help others, and then many more to bring my ideas to fruition.

We learn through asking questions and finding our own proofs. The teachings of the Tree of Life that were passed onto me have continued to capture my attention for over 26 years. They offer a very different perspective on life and many popular interests like the Law of Attraction, and the work of angels, can be found under its umbrella.

After many years, and many thousands of students, the Mystery School of Maat closed its doors and evolved into the Order of the White Lion. The Order of the White Lion website is a teaching site dealing with all aspects of spiritual and physical life.

To help others on their spiritual journey who feel they would benefit from a ground floor up approach there is a series of Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life workbooks available in paperback and pdf format.  To help you to decide if the workbooks may be of use to you, please read the reviews.