About Qabalah

About The Order of the White Lion and Isis Tuition.

All those associated with The Order of the White Lion and Isis Tuition have completed an extensive study of spiritual awareness, and in particular  the Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life.

The focus is very much on a practical level exploring ways to overcome challenges and improve the quality of life for all. The idea is to raise awareness of the teachings and help others to find ways of putting spiritual values to practical use, to identify and develop creative potential, and thus create the ideal life.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a tool and guide that can be used on a daily basis. It can be compared to a spiritual map as it is a visual portrayal of the descent of the Divine Spark into physical manifestation, and also the return path from the Earth plane back to the original source of Creation.

This ‘tool and guide’ can be used on a personal level. It can also be used on a universal level in that we can relate the teachings to the whole of humanity.

An Ancient Philosophy of Life

Qabalah (Kabbalah)  is a very ancient philosophy of life that takes the student on an inspirational journey of Self Discovery and Spiritual Awakening. Interest has been growing in this Ancient Wisdom and there are a multitude of books available on Qabalah (Kabbalah). However for many, these books are not easy to follow and it is not always clear to see how the teachings can be incorporated in a practical way in everyday life. 

Working very much on a simple and practical level, The Order of the White Lion and  Isis Tuition have produced a series of easy to follow step by step workbooks exploring The Qabalistic Tree of Life.These workbooks aim to show how these timeless teachings – passed down through the Ages – are still as relevant today as they have always been.

Our aim is to raise awareness of this inspirational guidance, and help others to find more productive ways of living in line with spiritual and personal needs, thus bringing them closer to creating the Ideal Life on Earth.

Everyone has a life purpose and soul function, although not everyone is aware of Soul Functions. Studying this ancient wisdom helps us to discover more about who we are and the role each of us plays within the bigger, spiritual picture.

Click here to find out more about how to get started with the Practical Qabalah and Tree of Life. The journey begins in Malkuth, sephirah of the physical plane where we are introduced to the Elemental Kingdoms, and learn how to manage our time and life more effectively.

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